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Hi, I am total beginner and recently bought an older Hohner Panther from ebay and it plays surprisingly well. However, it was advertised as GCF (and that is stamped on the back) but it is actually FBE (unless the whole thing went flat!). Also, to add the mystery, it has 32 notes -- the two rows farthest from the bellows (the F and Bb rows) have 12 buttons and the Eb row has 10. It doesn't have the chromatic helper notes at the bottom either. Thus the two lowest notes on the F row are (A)/C, (C)/E and on the Bb row: (D)/F.

It has the expected 12 bass buttons, and chords that work in F, Bb, Eb but not in any order that is described online!

And to slightly add to the mystery, it's more or less beat to hell, has a few screws loose, and smells like perfume. Oh, and it has a built in working mic (or mics) -- it has a XLR plug mounted near the bellows strap.

Any thoughts on this would be welcome -- I couldn't find any info on 32 notes accordions online, or the suggestion to remove those chromatic notes. Should I find a repair person to replace those notes? (I would like to play in C and the chromatic scale) And since I have an extra button on the F row what notes should go there? And finally, what do you think a reasonable cost for such work would be?

Thanks in advance, Charles
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