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Score this bajo (1- 5, five being excellent) and give us your opinion as well.


(1) Quality

(2) Sound

(3) Design

(4) Price

(5) Customer service provided


Anote esta marca de fábrica del bajo (1- 5, cinco es excelente) y dénos su opinión también.


(1) calidad

(2) sonido

(3) diseño

(4) Precio

(5) Servico al cliente


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Can a pro please give their opinion on this bajo,i bought one and i really would like to know if i made a mistake.BTW does anyone know if these have guitar or bajo strings?I can handle the truth so be honest,i really need to know


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I played one of thes Oscar Schmitt and it sounded really good....great action on the strings and decent sound...worth the $$ in my humble opinion.

Seems it did have bajo strings, but maybe they did not come with it originally.


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I was in Austin, Tx this weekend and visited Ray Hennings music store and i ran into a Oscar Schmidt bajo sexto the price was $599.00 and it had a real nice finish and they paid attention to detail- the bridge was shaped like a longhorn-it was nice-it also played nice and the action was very good-the sound was good-Mr. Ray Hennings was willing to go down to $420.oo to make the sale i thought it was a very decent bajo-the strings were from factory and they were bajo strings-so i really think it is a decent bajo for the money just my opinion



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Desde Laredo, Tx.


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Ok I've never owned a bajo until now. However I've been around them all my life.  I decided to take EVERYONE'S advice and buy an Oscar Schmidt.  No se, pero let me tell plays really nice and sounds pretty good. I paid 278 for it on ebay (tax y chipping incluido).  One of my homies owns a Macias and he loves playing my little ol' OS!

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If I were in the market for an entry level bajo, I might consider an O/S before  any other firewood bajo. I've played them and they tend to have low action, and decent sound. Oh, by the way. Robert Stringer from Guitar Stringer in Pasadena, Tx told me that they worked closely with Washburn to help develope the Oscar Schmidt line of bajos and is pleased because they paid attention. 

I do have a question. hopefully someone can answer it. Who is Oscar Schmidt?

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Oscar Schmidt was a German immigrant who started one of the first factories that made musical string instruments in America in the 1890's early 1900's. His company was responsible for many patents and distribution of string instruments around the world; including the ukulele and harp. His company was based out of New Jersey.....I believe the factory no longer exist, but somehow his name is allowed to be used by the Washburn Company.
I hope this answers your question....I'll see if I can find some links if you want... 

By the way, I am a beginner and bought an Oscar Schmidt Bajo quinto and I couldn't be happier (after I changed the strings out). I think overall, it's an excellent value for the price and perfect for a beginner. Good quality and sound...eventually I'd like to get a Macias though.


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i love my oscar schmuidt (cant spell) very good for the price cant beat it

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Decent beginner bajo, pero buy it in person to check for fret buzz, etc. Only has one strap button installed to save money on their part. Also consider replacing with better strings.

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Love Washburn....Best bajo I ever had & the first. It was a gift that I got from my Dad with out him I wouldn't make be learning how to play the beautiful instrument of the bajosexto. I'm also a rookie on the bajosexto myself. But I really want to get a Pasaye or Hernandez in the near future.

I would like to didcate this post to the one & only MY DAD!!!!!!!

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HI Guys,

I've had my O/S for about 2 years and I love it. The action is great and the sound is nice.  I've had a few old-school bajos and got tired of jumping on stage and having the sound guy tell me he couldn't get a signal from my bajo because the old bajos are so sordos.  The built-in pick up and eQ are awsome..I did change the strings to Candelas strings and it sounds very authentic.


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This thread is probably old but I just got my OS Bajo and I know the strings it came with suck, so Im guessing I havent heard its true sound, right? Well i really like it and  Im actually thinking on getting it a good pick up like a fishman, lawrence or emg, you guys think is a good idea? I mean I am aware it has a built in pre-amp, but I think a pick up will be better.. Also I want to put some micas on it, I want to make my OS bajo a beast, what do you guys think? Worth it or not? Of course later on I want a Pasaye or Hernandez

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Hello Noir,. Iv'e had my Oscar Schmidt for around 5 years and happy with it. I would double check about getting certain pick ups like the Lawrence,. I wanted to get one and someone on this site told me it wont fit in an oscar schmidt So please double check. If your bajo has a pick up already, it's pretty good so don't put money on a new one just yet,. Dean Markley bajo strings are available everywhere but they seem to only have a good sound for about 2 weeks then sound flat. I love ghs strings which are around $15 at guitar center.
their rough on your fingers at first but sound great for weeks !! 


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The GHS strings are worth the money and make this bajo sexto sound very nice.  Plus I love the action on the slim neck as oppossed to the thicker hand made bajo sextos.  just my two cents worth.  enjoy
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I recently ordered an Oscar Schmidt quinto from musicians friend to replace my lucida sexto. It came from factory with ghs strings and a fishman pickup. It even had a couple of tags "equipped with fishman" and "ghs strings installed". It feels and sounds so much better than the lucida that I was trying to learn on. Not sure its better because of the brand or that one is a quinto and the other is a sexto but I progressed a lot more in the short time I've had the Oscar Schmidt.
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