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Besides Narciso's beautiful accordion playing on this song, there are also some beautiful passing chords played by Santiago Almeida on the Bajo Sexto. The beginning part of the song, where these chords are played, is in the key of G.

The first passing chord is at 0:17. It's played for a bar. The bass note is Ab and the upper strummed chord is a two-note chord: the F & Bb notes played together. It resolves to G, or the primera (I). I don't know the name of this chord. Anyone know?

The second passing chord is at 0:22. It's played for a bar. It also resolves to G, or the primera (I). This time the bass note is C# and the upper strummed chord is a two-note chord: the E and Bb notes played together. This is a C# fully diminished seventh chord with the b5 of the chord omitted.

Along with Narciso's accordion playing, I have always thought that these Bajo Sexto passing chords give this song a beautiful, dream-like quality to it. There is at least one more in a different section of the song, in a different key, but I haven't analyzed that one yet.

Anyway, have fun with these chords! Have a great evening everyone!


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Good ear to catch the different notes and chords. My ear is not so good!
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Great song.  Simon good job studying the piece.  We need more of that.  They were great. 

Answer to your question is to try the 7th chord.  I believe it might be the F#m until I try I can only suggest.  Estoy como el mecanico.
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