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Anyone have a tab for this song? Or, any Flaco adornos.

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hope this helps. at least it will get you started.

C7G9X1-1 C67 C7G9 C67 C7G9 C67 F67 C7G9 
C7G9 G78 C67X1-1 G78 C67 F67
G5C7 G67 C7G9 F67 C7G9 G78X2 C67
G5C7 F67 C7G9 G78 F67 C7G9 G78 C67

just add a tag at end of melody. For me Flaco is not easy to follow so i try to get as close as possible. 

Stephen (Esteban) Cabral

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Estaban. Thank you for doing this for me. Much obliged. Do you know how play his version of Margarita? Cheers.
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