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Does anyone know the history behind the bajo sexto?  I'm doing a short presentation on Norteño music and don't have an accurate account for the development of the bajo sexto. Thanks

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este es un tema muy controversial... many claim that it was invented in southern/central mexico, pues quien sabe....

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Hey SqueezeBox. . . .

Check out the thread on this History forum:

Esto me lo platico mi abuelo la historia del bajo segun Carlos Cadena
Interesting commentary and documentation of the unclear origins of the Bajo . . ..
I'm sure there's more information available on this Reyes Accordion website . . . Good luck in your search -- remember, you can introduce the topic and then challenge your audience to search for more information!
Hope your presentation goes well for you.
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Squeezebox- According to my readings, there isn't anything depicting the exact time of when the bajo sexto first made its appearance, but as it goes the concept, or the idea was originated in Spain in the 1200's.  It was then introduced to Mexico where it then started to infuence nuestra musica in the late 1800's/1900's.  For more info check out Puro Conjunto.  The book was created/edited, don't want to use the wrong word, by Reyes' own Juan Tejeda.  Also, feel free to contact me and I will give you as much info as I have...I took notes. 

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