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I have some experince recording metal bands, and this is the order I do it, is of course drums first, rhythm guitar, bass, keys(if any), lead guitars and last vocals. But I want to get into recording norteño, i know the order should start with the drums and end with vocals, but i dont know what i should record next, bass, bajo sexto, or accordion. Anyone has any tips?

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The hierarchy should be , in order

1.Drumset- they are the metronome and control tempo and should always be referenced to.

2.Auxiliary percussion- go in hand with the drumset to cement the feel of a groove

3.Bass guitar- they play on down beats, and their syncopations are generally rooted in down beats

4.Bajo Sexto- They play one the upbeats, and syncopations can dip in between down and up beats

5.Accordion- A little more free for interpretation, so they have more rhythmic wiggle room

6.Vocals- Vocals tend to slur, rush, or drag for the sake of artistic variation, so they should always go last.

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